Embracing Efficiency: The Rise of Automated Technology Group 18

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Overview Automated Technology Group Automated Technology Group

The Automated Technology Group (ATG) has been a major participant in the industrial automation market providing cutting-edge control and power solutions. Focusing on increasing efficiency and production, ATG has established itself as a leader in the automation space.

Automation’s Origins

Since its founding in 1996, the Genesis of Automation Automated Technology Group has expanded to rank among the UK’s biggest independent power and control systems providers for industrial automation. Their mission was to transform industries through faster, safer, and more efficient procedures at the outset of their journey.

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Advances in Industrial Automation

ATG employs over 250 people and works mostly in the food and beverage, automobile, and airport industries. Their expertise lies in creating and executing efficient systems, ranging from specialized machinery to automated and robotic product-handling apparatus.

Specialized Equipment

Special-purpose equipment from ATG is designed to satisfy the specific requirements of its customers, guaranteeing that every solution is best suited for the job at hand.

Automated Systems

Robotics have revolutionized industrial settings, and ATG has played a key role in integrating these systems to increase efficiency.

Automated Product Management

Any manufacturing process must have effective product handling, and ATG’s solutions make sure that goods are transferred through the production line quickly and safely.

Broadening Perspectives

Wood Group’s 2015 acquisition of ATG allowed the business to grow and develop. ATG was able to take on bigger projects and take advantage of growth prospects outside of the UK thanks to this calculated decision.

In summary

In the field of industrial automation, The Automated Technology Group has been a shining example of innovation. Their dedication to creating innovative solutions has raised the bar for others to follow while also increasing the productivity of the industries they service.


Which industries does ATG focus on? ATG is an expert in the food and beverage, airport, and automobile industries.

What effects has Wood Group’s acquisition had on ATG? By utilizing Wood Group Mustang’s extensive global resources, the acquisition has enabled ATG to broaden the scope of its projects and penetrate new markets.

What are a few of the solutions that ATG offers? ATG provides a variety of solutions, including automated product handling equipment, robotic systems, and special-purpose machines.

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