Bihar Berojgari Bhatta: Empowering the Unemployed Youth of Bihar

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India has long struggled with unemployment, and the state of Bihar is hardly an exception. The Bihar government launched the “Bihar Berojgari Bhatta” program to address this issue. With the support of this project, young people without jobs will be able to feed themselves while looking for work or improving their abilities. We shall go into the specifics of this program, its advantages, qualifying requirements, and how it can revolutionize the lives of Bihar’s young people in this blog article.

Understanding Bihar Berojgari Bhatta

What is Bihar Berojgari Bhatta?

The Bihar government launched the Bihar Berojgari Bhatta, popularly known as the Bihar Unemployment Allowance, as a social program to assist the state’s young jobless population. The scheme’s main goal is to give unemployed people financial assistance so they may focus on obtaining work or continuing their education and training while also reducing their immediate financial burden.

Objectives of the Scheme

The main goals of the Bihar Berojgari Bhatta are:

Financial Support: Provide a monthly stipend to unemployed youth to help them meet their basic needs.

Skill Development: Encourage beneficiaries to enroll in skill development programs to enhance their employability.

Job Assistance: Facilitate access to job fairs, employment exchanges, and other job placement services.

Eligibility Criteria for Bihar Berojgari Bhatta

To ensure that the benefits of the scheme reach the intended recipients, certain eligibility criteria have been established:

Age Limit

Applicants must be between 21 to 35 years of age to qualify for the scheme.

Educational Qualification

Candidates should have at least completed their intermediate (12th grade) education.


Applicants must be permanent residents of Bihar.

Employment Status

The scheme is exclusively for those who are currently unemployed and actively seeking job opportunities.

Income Criteria

The family income of the applicant should not exceed INR 3 lakh per annum.

How to Apply for Bihar Berojgari Bhatta

Online Application Process

Registration: Visit the official website of the Bihar government and register using your details.

Fill Application Form: Complete the application form with accurate information regarding your educational qualifications, employment status, and family income.

Upload Documents: Upload scanned copies of necessary documents such as educational certificates, residency proof, and income certificates.

Submit Application: After verifying the details, submit the application form online.

Required Documents

Aadhar Card
Educational Certificates (10th and 12th mark sheets)
Residency Proof (Ration Card, Voter ID, etc.)
Income Certificate
Passport-sized Photographs
Bank Account Details

Benefits of Bihar Berojgari Bhatta

Monthly Stipend

Beneficiaries receive a monthly allowance of INR 1000 to help cover their basic expenses.

Access to Training Programs

The scheme promotes enrollment in various skill development and vocational training programs to improve job prospects.

Job Placement Assistance

Beneficiaries are given access to job fairs, employment exchanges, and other platforms where they can connect with potential employers.

In Summary: An Actionable Step to Lower Unemployment

A major start in the right direction towards tackling the state’s unemployment problem is the Bihar Berojgari Bhatta scheme. The program’s objective is to enable young people to become self-sufficient and find profitable jobs by offering financial support and fostering skill development. Even if there are obstacles to overcome, these kinds of initiatives can help provide the kids of Bihar a better future.


What is the main aim of Bihar Berojgari Bhatta?

The primary aim is to provide financial assistance to unemployed youth in Bihar to help them sustain themselves while they seek employment or enhance their skills.

How much is the monthly allowance provided under this scheme?

Beneficiaries receive a monthly stipend of INR 1000.

Who is eligible for the Bihar Berojgari Bhatta?

Unemployed individuals between the ages of 21 to 35, who are permanent residents of Bihar and have completed their 12th grade, are eligible. Additionally, the family income should not exceed INR 3 lakh per annum.

How can one apply for the Bihar Berojgari Bhatta?

Eligible candidates can apply online through the official Bihar government website by registering, filling out the application form, and uploading the necessary documents.

What documents are required for the application?

Applicants need to submit their Aadhar card, educational certificates, residency proof, income certificate, passport-sized photographs, and bank account details.

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