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Overview Clark County Education Association Clark County Education Association

In Nevada, the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) is a shining example of support and advocacy for educators. Being the state’s largest educator union, CCEA has a significant impact outside of the classroom. It drives policy reforms and negotiates landmark contracts that reshape the educational environment.

The Mission of the Union

The goal of CCEA is to improve the teaching profession by providing secure employment, stable income, and group support for educators. To create an atmosphere where educators can concentrate on what they do best—teaching the next generation—this mission is essential.

Current Accomplishments

A “historic deal” between the CCEA and the Clark County School District (CCSD) was revealed in December 2023, signaling a major advancement in the union’s attempts to raise teacher pay and improve working conditions. The union’s unwavering pursuit of increased financing and member support is reflected in this agreement.

Success in Legislation and Advocacy

Under President Marie Neisess’ direction, CCEA has developed into a political force for educators, persistently defending financing and sound educational programs. CCEA was crucial in winning large increases in education funding during the 2023 Legislative Session by pushing for 10 pieces of legislation that were eventually signed into law.

Obstacles to Come

Even with these achievements, problems still exist. Class sizes are among the biggest in the country, CCSD has trouble recruiting, and teachers are quitting at an unprecedented rate. The highest rates of teacher turnover are found in schools serving pupils of color and those who are economically disadvantaged, which affects educational quality.

Problems in the Negotiation: The CCEA has encountered difficulties in the negotiations with the Clark County School District (CCSD), namely about labor hours and conditions. It will take clever negotiation and possibly outside intervention to break through these deadlocks.

Legal Complaints: In response to modifications made to teachers’ working days and hours at 23 schools, the CCEA filed a complaint against the CCSD. It will be difficult to handle these legal issues while keeping the requirements of educators in mind.

Collective Bargaining: The association established timelines for reaching agreements, warning of the possibility of “work actions” if deadlines are not met. It will be vital to make sure that these talks are accomplished without the need for strikes or work stoppages.

Inter-Union Relations: On a few occasions, union organizations in the CCSD have requested that the CCEA stop making claims that they deem to be deceptive. Coherent bargaining attempts require various union groupings to present a unified front.

Public Perception: There are two sides to public support. The CCEA will have to exercise caution in public relations to preserve community support while fighting for the rights of educators.

Policy Changes: The CCEA will need to act swiftly to ensure that teachers’ opinions are taken into consideration when new policies are introduced, such as those that impact Transformation Network schools.

Financial Restraints: Budgetary restrictions can have an impact on discussions, particularly with perks and pay increases. The CCEA must operate under these limitations while continuing to.

In summary

The Clark County Education Association has come a long way in supporting both teachers and kids. Nonetheless, Nevada’s educational system is still a long way from being better. To bring about long-lasting change, committed educators must work together with the CCEA.


What’s the CCEA all about? The largest union representing educators in Nevada is the Clark County Education Association, which is committed to promoting fair and secure working conditions as well as financial stability for educators.

What accomplishments has the CCEA made recently? A landmark contract between the CCEA and the CCSD was just negotiated, and it gives educators greater pay and working conditions.

What difficulties does the CCEA encounter? Recruitment and retention of educators, huge class sizes, and high turnover rates are among the issues that the CCEA faces, particularly in schools that serve marginalized communities.

What impact does the CCEA have on policy related to education? The CCEA actively advocates in Congress for funding and educational reforms that benefit teachers and kids. They played a key role in the passage of eleven bills into law during the 2023 Legislative Session.

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