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Drew Technologies is an innovative leader in the quickly changing automotive diagnostics and telematics industry. Drew Technologies has established itself as a leader in vehicle communication technology, providing cutting-edge solutions that enable technicians and automotive service businesses.

The Origins of Drew Technologies

Drew Technologies was established in 1996 to revolutionize the automobile sector. The company, which has its headquarters in Michigan, USA, has continuously pushed the limits of automotive diagnostics and programming tools while serving a large number of US, Japanese, and European auto brands.

Founding Philosophy: The company was established to offer cutting-edge solutions to the automotive sector. Specifically, the company focused on developing diagnostic and programming tools that adhered to the heavy-duty TMC RP1210 and automotive SAE J2534 vehicle communication standards.

Innovation and Expansion: Drew Technologies has led the way in the automobile industry’s adoption of new technologies over the years. The company continuously innovates thanks to its in-house development and manufacturing skills, which has led to the filing of more than 30 patents.

Extension and Integration: As a result of Drew Technologies’ success, it was incorporated into Opus IVS, a leading provider of automotive communication technology and services worldwide. Drew Technologies’ reach and capabilities were broadened by this transaction, enabling it to offer cutting-edge diagnostic and reprogramming tools for US, Japanese, and European auto brands.

Commitment to Excellence: Drew Technologies has been devoted to excellence since its founding, offering the tools and technical assistance that car repair experts all around the world rely on. Their dedication is evident in the products they produce, such as CarDAQ®, Mongoose®, and DrewLinQ®, which are now required and authorized original equipment tools for a large number of new car dealerships.

Essential Goods and Services

The excellent product selection from Drew Technologies includes industry-leading products like DrewLinQ®, CarDAQ®, and Mongoose®. These goods have been thoroughly tested and validated to make sure they live up to the high standards demanded by dealerships and automobile service personnel.

Tools for Reprogramming and Diagnostics
The company’s dedication to upholding heavy-duty TMC RP1210 and automotive SAE J2534 vehicle communication standards has led to the development of dependable and effective diagnostic and reprogramming tools.

Package for Remote Assistance (RAP®)
Drew Technologies provides RAP®, a remote assistance package intended to help repair shops service advanced car systems, in recognition of the complexity of modern vehicle systems.

Patents and Innovations
Drew Technologies is still innovating, as evidenced by the over thirty patents pending. They can maintain their leadership position in the industry by continuously releasing new technologies that raise the bar for vehicle safety and communication standards because of their in-house development and manufacturing skills.

In summary

As a pioneer in automotive communication technology, Drew Technologies sets itself apart by offering services and products that prepare car repair businesses for the demands of the future. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has made them an invaluable partner in the automobile industry.


What is the reputation of Drew Technologies? Drew Technologies is renowned for its sophisticated tools for diagnostic and reprogramming that are built on heavy-duty TMC RP1210 vehicle communication standards and automotive SAE J2534 standards.

What kind of assistance is provided by Drew Technologies? They provide a variety of services, such as white-label products for diagnostics, vehicle communications, telematics, and data logging, in addition to technical support and remote assistance packages.

Is it simple to utilize Drew Technologies products? Their products have thorough user manuals and quick-start guidelines to guarantee that automobile specialists can easily use them.

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