Navigating the Costs at Florida Institute of Technology: A Comprehensive Guide

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Overview Florida Institute of Technology

Selecting the appropriate university is a big decision, and prospective students and their families need to know how much it will cost. An esteemed university, the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) is well-known for its demanding academic offerings and active campus community. We’ll look at all of the expenses related to attending Florida Tech in this blog post, including living costs and tuition.

Fees and Tuition  Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Tech has disclosed its tuition and fees for the 2024–2025 academic year, guaranteeing openness for all prospective students. Summer 20241 is when undergraduate tuition is scheduled to go into effect. It’s crucial to remember that these expenses can change based on the course of study and program.

Admissions to Florida Institute of Technology

The admittance rate at the Florida Institute of Technology is 64 percent. Between an ACT score of 22 and 28, or a SAT score between 1120 and 1320, are the test scores submitted by half of the applicants admitted to the Florida Institute of Technology. Nonetheless, 25% of candidates who were accepted had scores that were higher than these ranges, and 25% had lower scores. Florida Institute of Technology is accepting applications through a rolling deadline.

GPA is a major academic consideration for Florida Institute of Technology admissions officers. Applicant’s high school class rank and, if available, letters of recommendation are taken into account by Florida Institute of Technology admissions officers. Find out more about College Compass to view more academic variables in addition to other school statistics.

Admissions data for Florida Institute of Technology

APPLICATION Deadline rolling

Graduate School Fees

A comprehensive analysis of graduate students’ tuition expenses will also be provided; this will take effect in the summer of 20241. These costs are necessary for financial planning and budgeting.

Extra Expenses

In addition to tuition, students also have to pay for accommodation, meal plans, technology, and other expenses. The total cost of attending university is increased by these extra expenses.

Accommodations and Menus

At Florida Tech, housing alternatives vary in price and include both apartment-style living and conventional residence halls1. Another expense associated with living on campus is meal plans, for which there are a variety of solutions to meet various needs.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Scholarships, subsidies, and loan programs enable most families to pay far less than the sticker price. According to reports, the average aid amount per student is $27,218. This can considerably lower the real cost of attendance2.

In summary

Your future is an investment when you attend Florida Tech. The university provides several financial aid programs to make the expenses more affordable, even though they may initially appear overwhelming. Students can make well-informed judgments regarding their education by looking into funding opportunities and comprehending the breakdown of costs.


How much does it usually cost to attend Florida Tech? Before financial aid, the average cost of attendance is $62,268. For students receiving need-based aid, the net price averages $36,703 after scholarships and aid.

Are there any other costs I should take into account? Since books, supplies, personal expenses, and transportation can total several thousand dollars a year, students indeed need to budget for these costs.

How can I obtain a precise cost estimate? To be eligible for need-based grants and low-interest loan programs, prospective students can use Florida Tech’s Net Price Calculator for a personalized estimate and file the FAFSA.

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