Embracing the Future: Highland School of Technology

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Overview Highland School of Technology

The Highland School of Technology in Gastonia, North Carolina, is a shining example of innovation. Since its founding in 2000, it has been a magnet public high school, fostering the development of young minds. Through its specialized academies, Highland offers a distinctive blend of academic rigor and practical skills to prepare students for a world-class future.

An Unwavering Dedication to Excellence

Situated in the center of Gastonia, North Carolina, the Highland School of Technology is a shining example of academic excellence and creativity. Highland School of Technology is more than just a place to learn; it’s a launching pad for the future generation of leaders, driven by an unwavering dedication to quality.

A Wide Range of Subjects

Education at Highland goes beyond conventional lines. The institution promotes an interdisciplinary approach to learning by providing specialized academies in business, engineering, and health. Every curriculum is painstakingly created to push learners and get them ready for the complexities of the fields they choose to pursue.

Outstanding Student Performance

The results are what demonstrate Highland’s commitment. The influence of the school on academic accomplishment is evident, as evidenced by state test results showing that 95% of pupils are proficient in core disciplines like math and reading. It’s an environment that fosters potential and values excellence.

Recognition Across the Nation

The school has received recognition for its initiatives. Highland School of Technology has been acknowledged for its overall academic performance and progress in bridging achievement disparities, earning it the title of 2023 National Blue Ribbon School1. This honor demonstrates the school’s steadfast commitment to providing top-notch instruction.

Group Dynamics and Cooperation

Highland School of Technology is aware that learning is a team endeavor. Students from all around Gaston County attend, resulting in a lively and diverse community. Students from many backgrounds gather here with the shared objective of excelling, innovating, and leading.

Getting Ready for the Future

In an ever-changing world, Highland School of Technology continues to be at the forefront. Not only do its graduates leave with an education, but they also have the abilities and self-assurance to truly impact society. Students at Highland are not just being prepared for the next phase of their education, but also for success in life.

Particularized Schools

The three academies that make Highland School of Technology each concentrate on distinct professional pathways:

The Health Sciences Academy trains students for professions in a range of medical specialties.

The purpose of the Business, Legal, and Information Sciences Academy is to provide students with legal, IT, and business management abilities.

Engineering, manufacturing, and graphic design courses are available at the Manufacturing/Engineering Technology and Graphics Academy.

Students attending these academies gain practical experience and information that will be invaluable in their future employment.

Life on Campus

The facility, which was once Highland Junior High School but was renovated, has state-of-the-art facilities that complement the academic program. The academy system is used to arrange the halls so that students may easily get to their specialized classes. Common spaces such as Times Square and Medford Commons act as focal points for student engagement and teamwork.

In summary

More than just a secondary school, Highland School of Technology serves as a springboard for the upcoming generation of innovators and leaders. With its dedicated academic program and specialist academies, Highland is a genuinely global institution training global citizens.


How are students chosen at Highland School of Technology? Lottery is used to select students from among eligible eighth-grade applicants, guaranteeing a talented and diverse student body.

What distinguishes Highland School of Technology from others? Highland stands out for its hands-on learning environment and specialized academies, which give students a solid basis for their future jobs.

Can pupils engage in extracurricular activities and sports? A well-rounded educational experience is fostered by the diversity of extracurricular activities and sports that Highland offers.

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