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How to Get Ancient Technology Palworld How to Get Ancient Technology Palworld

Players are encouraged to explore, engage in combat, and gather Pals—unique creatures that live in Palworld—in this colorful and vast game. The hunt for antiquated technology is one of the most captivating parts of the game, and it can greatly improve your gaming experience. We’ll look into how to get points for ancient technologies in Palworld and solve its secrets in this blog post.

In Palworld, What Are Ancient Technology Points?

You can use ancient technology points as a resource to get the recipes for buildings, weapons, and equipment. They work somewhat differently than skill points, but otherwise, they operate similarly. Levelling up doesn’t grant you an old technology point; instead, you have to find bosses all across the map.

Finding Points of Ancient Technology

Fighting the World Bosses

The main method for obtaining points for ancient technology is via eliminating world bosses. On the world map, these powerful foes are indicated by character portrait icons. You get one ancient technology point for defeating each boss, and you can spend these points to buy things from the ancient tech menu.

Tower Bosses: The Hardest Task

Tower bosses are waiting for anyone looking for a more difficult task. These bosses offer a higher reward and are more formidable than your typical enemies. Your armament will be greatly enhanced when you defeat a tower boss for the first time, as you will receive five points for ancient technology.

Making Use of Quick Travel

Use the rapid travel mechanism to hunt these bosses more effectively. This will guarantee that you can explore safely and locate more bosses to interact with, in addition to saving you time.

Bosses Alpha Pal

Around Palworld, there are forty-two Alpha Pal bosses in all. These battles may be fought in the free world or within a dungeon-like instance. Alpha Pal bosses are represented by a circular portrait on your map, albeit they can be a little difficult to locate.

Alpha Pal boss locations are marked on a map of Palworld.

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As you level up, Alpha Pal boss difficulty increases. For instance, facing level 11 Chillet, one of the first Alpha Pal enemies you’ll face is a fairly simple boss battle. The level 50 Alpha Pal bosses, such Frostallion and Jetragon, will require you to adhere to the five D’s of dodgeball, though evade.

Building Your Legacy with Antiquated Technology

The Power Statue

The Statue of Power is one of the most sought-after antique tech products. Using friend souls and friendsfies, you can use this potent artifact to strengthen both yourself and your friends. Stone and podium bits, which you can gather throughout your adventure, are needed to build it.

Developing Your Skills

You can use lift monk effigies and buddy souls with the Statue of Power to raise both your own and your friends’ stats. This tactical edge can swing the tide of combat and greatly ease your journey across Palworld.

In summary

Palworld’s antiquated technology gives gamers access to a whole new world of possibilities. Through interaction with tower bosses, global bosses, and the fast travel system, you can earn ancient technology points and unlock equipment that will give you and your friends special abilities. Recall that although learning outdated technology can be dangerous, the benefits are well worth the trouble.


Is it possible to farm points for old technology? No, you cannot farm ancient technology points because they are bound to particular bosses. To quickly and effectively destroy these bosses, you can strategically arrange your encounters.

Are bosses respawning? Bosses do respawn, but you won’t get extra points for old technology if you defeat them twice.

Which old technology goods are the greatest ones to spend points on? Because the Statue of Power can improve your stats and your friends’ numbers, it comes highly recommended. The other items you’ll need in the game will depend on how you play.

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