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Overview Maytag Commercial Technology Dryers Maytag Commercial Technology Dryers

Maytag is a well-known brand in the laundry equipment industry that is associated with dependability and efficiency. The robustness of commercial-grade equipment is brought into the home with the Maytag Commercial Technology Dryers, which provide homeowners with a strong laundry solution.

Superior Commercial Grade for Domestic Use

The Maytag Commercial Technology Dryers are designed to effortlessly manage heavy loads. With a drive system and a high-end commercial dryer engine, these dryers can handle your thickest sheets and towels.

The IntelliDry® Sensor

The IntelliDry® sensor is one of these dryers’ most notable features. Your garments will always come out perfectly dry because of this cutting-edge technology, which continuously measures moisture content and air temperature to produce consistent drying outcomes.

High Capacity

These dryers have a 7.4 cubic foot capacity, so you won’t have to make as many trips to the laundry room to dry big loads.

Convenience in Design

Given that doing laundry is a hassle, Maytag has included a tonne of features in these dryers to make your life easier.

IntelliDry® Sensor: This function keeps track of air temperature and moisture content to provide reliable drying.

Large Capacity: With a 7.4 cu. ft. capacity, these dryers can accommodate large loads, which means less time spent on laundry.

Commercial-Grade Dryer Motor: Maytag dryers are equipped with a high-performance motor, designed to handle large loads with ease. It helps prevent over-drying and ensures clothes come out just right.

Simple Controls: Even for individuals who may not be familiar with contemporary appliance technology, choosing cycles and adjusting settings is made simple for users by the user-friendly control panel.

Sturdy Construction: The dryers have a 10-year limited parts warranty on the drive motor and drum, and the heavy-duty drum is made to last.

Programmable Settings: Thanks to sophisticated microprocessor controls, unique drying cycles that are adapted to the particular requirements of various textiles are possible.

Simple Controls

Because of the sophisticated microprocessor controllers’ easy programming and maintenance, you may tailor drying cycles to your requirements.

Choosing a Cycle: To choose the preferred drying cycle, use the fabric setting keypads.
The cycle time and any extra parameters will be displayed on the digital display.

Changing the Settings: If your model has a programmable control, you can change the temperatures, cool-down times, and cycle times to suit your needs.
When choosing a preset cycle for non-programmable models, make sure it best suits the kind of fabric.

Coin Operation (for models that use coins): Put the necessary quantity of coins into the coin slide.
To turn on the dryer, slide the coin in.

Safety Advice: When the dryer is running, do not try to open the service door or circumvent any safety mechanisms.
Before beginning any maintenance, always turn off the electrical supply.

Maintenance: To guarantee optimum operation, clean the lint filter regularly.
Before every use, be sure there are no loose objects or impediments inside the drum.

Guarantee and Assistance

You can feel secure about your investment with Maytag’s commercial technology dryers since they come with a 10-year limited components guarantee on the drive motor and drum.

In summary

Combining home comfort with professional strength, the Maytag professional Technology Dryers provide a winning combination. These dryers are an excellent option for anyone wishing to modernize their home laundry setup because they have features like the IntelliDry® sensor and a high capacity.


What distinguishes Maytag Commercial Technology Dryers from other types of dryers? They have a high capacity appropriate for big loads, an IntelliDry® sensor for perfect drying, and a commercial-grade motor and driving system.

Do these dryers come with a warranty? The drive motor and drum1 are covered by a 10-year limited components warranty from Maytag.

Are these dryers’ drying cycles customizable? Without a doubt, the sophisticated microprocessor controls make it simple to set unique drying cycles that meet your needs.

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