Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Troubleshooting: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Overview Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Troubleshooting

It might be very inconvenient when your Maytag Commercial Technology Washer isn’t operating as it should. You can get your washer back in working condition by following this instruction, which will bring you through the basic troubleshooting stages.

Verifying the Water and Power Supplies Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Troubleshooting

First things first: Make sure your power supply is working properly and that your washer is plugged in correctly. Additionally, make sure your washer is receiving water by checking that the water supply valves are fully open.

Comprehending Error Codes

When something goes wrong, the diagnostic mechanisms built into Maytag washers show error codes. To interpret these codes, refer to your user handbook or internet sources.

Getting into the Diagnostic Mode: To retrieve and remove error codes, go into the diagnostic mode. Additionally, calibration and both manual and automatic testing can be done in this mode.

Typical Error Codes:
Error in EEPROM communication. Either examine the main control board or reset the washer.
Long drain time (F02). Inspect the drain pipe or pump for obstructions.
The issue with water intake. Make sure all of the water supply valves are open all the way.

Resetting the Washer: Try resetting the washer by disconnecting it for a minute and making sure the lid closes correctly six times in a row if it isn’t starting or if you’re having other problems.

Examining the handbook for services:
There is a thorough list of error codes and troubleshooting procedures in the service manual. It is an invaluable tool for comprehending certain problems about water filling, spin problems, and other related topics.

Use the sensor test mode to see if any of the washer’s sensors are working properly. This can help identify where the issue is coming from.

Recalibrating the Washer: To reset the washer’s functionality and guarantee correct functioning, recalibrate it after resolving the fault codes.

Typical Problems and Their Fixes

Washer Not Starting

Examine the latch on the door: It is possible that the washer won’t start due to a broken door latch.
Power problems: Make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped and that the power cord is plugged in.

The Washer Doesn’t Empty

Make sure that the drain hose is not frozen, kinked, or obstructed.
Clear the filter: Drainage may be hampered by a blocked filter.

Strange Sounds

Look for any loose items: During a cycle, objects with buttons or coins might produce noise.
Examine the drum: Verify that nothing is impeding the drum’s motion.

Advanced Issue Resolution

To find more complicated issues, you might need to go into diagnostic mode if the simple fixes don’t work. Recalibrating the device or executing automated tests may be necessary for this.

Upkeep Advice

Many problems can be avoided with routine maintenance:

Regularly clean the lint filter.
Examine and clean the filters at the water inlet.
Maintain a clean interior for the washer.

In summary Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Troubleshooting

It doesn’t have to be difficult for Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Troubleshooting. You may frequently handle common problems on your own, without the assistance of a professional, by following these steps. It’s best to speak with a qualified repair specialist, though, if you’re unsure or the issue continues.


If an error code appears on my washer, what should I do? To determine the meaning of the error code and proceed with the recommended troubleshooting steps, consult your user manual or internet resources.

How do I keep my washer from breaking down? Maytag Commercial Technology Washer Troubleshooting Performing routine maintenance, like filter cleaning and hose inspection, will help stave off frequent washer issues.

Where can I locate more thorough troubleshooting manuals? Detailed instructions and tutorials are available on the official Maytag website or YouTube.

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