Embracing Innovation: The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Role in Shaping the Future 2023

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Overview The Pittsburgh Technology Council

Pittsburgh, formerly famous for its smokestacks and steel mills, has evolved into a center for creativity and technology. The Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC), a group devoted to fostering the expansion of the IT sector in the area, is at the center of this change.

PTC’s Mission

The PTC exists to assist its members in attaining success. The council acts as a spur for the expansion of the tech industry by offering invaluable tools, chances for networking, and support for laws that encourage creativity.

Services and Programmes

Social Gatherings


Pittsburgh Technology Council


PTC hosts many events that unite entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and experts in the industry to exchange ideas and build relationships.

CIO of the Year: Set for April 18, 2024, this event will honor and recognize the achievements of the most diligent IT leaders, emerging stars, and trailblazers in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Initiative in Cyburgh, PA: This program, which is scheduled to launch on May 1, 2024, honors Pittsburgh as a cybersecurity leader and brings together thought leaders and cybersecurity executives from businesses with ties to the area.

Hire Up Top Talent at COhatch Shadyside: This event, which takes place on May 16, 2024, aims to provide a vibrant and engaging environment for linking top talent with potential employers.

Boost Your Online Presence: Get Notoriety & Share Your Story: This May 15, 2024, event is intended to assist people and businesses in improving their social media presence and narrative skills.

Public Policy and Advocacy

In collaboration with legislators, the council pushes for laws that benefit the technology industry and foster an atmosphere that is conducive to business.

PTC’s Mission: Talk about PTC’s goal of helping IT companies by providing visibility services, government relations, talent retention, and business development.

Maintaining Talent: PTC’s tactics for keeping outstanding talent in the Pittsburgh region.
programs to develop talent pipelines in technology.

Relations with the Government: PTC’s attempts to have an impact on legislative choices that have an impact on the technology sector.
Illustrations of effective advocacy initiatives.

Effects on the Economy of the Region: Emphasize how technology companies support the regional economy.
Talk about the results of the State of the Industry Report, including employment, annual payroll, and the number of tech establishments.

Employee Development

Recognizing the value of talent, PTC provides programs aimed at enhancing workers’ abilities and filling the knowledge gap between academic requirements and industry demands.

Business Development: Through trade exhibitions, networking events, and strategic alliances, PTC helps technology firms create new business prospects.

Talent Retention: PTC offers programs and resources targeted at career advancement, professional development, and employee engagement because it understands how important it is to keep great talent.


With the PTC’s assistance, numerous Pittsburgh-based IT businesses—from start-ups to well-established enterprises—have prospered. These achievements demonstrate the council’s influence on the local economy.

Government Relations: The council has been instrumental in promoting laws that assist the tech industry and creating an atmosphere that is advantageous for tech firms to operate in.

Visibility Services: PTC offers visibility services that assist businesses at various phases of development in gaining media attention and establishing connections with funding sources, hence accelerating their expansion and market share.

In summary

Redefining the identity of the city has been made possible in large part by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. Pittsburgh is staying at the forefront of the technology revolution and the PTC is helping to promote the expansion of the tech industry by encouraging an innovative culture.


What are the advantages for companies who sign up with PTC? Networking events, advocacy help, and worker development programs are available to businesses.

What kinds of businesses are PTC members? A wide variety of businesses, from start-ups to established multinationals, are represented by the PTC and are brought together by their shared interest in technology.

What impact does the PTC have on public policy? The PTC collaborates with regional and state governments to promote laws that support the expansion and innovation of the IT sector.

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