World Wide Technology Raceway: A Thrilling Hub of Motorsport Excellence

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The Madison, Illinois-based World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) is a motorsport racing venue that has come to be associated with excitement, speed, and heart-pounding action. Situated around 600 acres to the east of St. Louis, WWTR is the biggest outdoor entertainment complex in the area. Let’s examine the fascinating past, exhilarating activities, and distinctive qualities that make WWTR a must-see location for racing fans.

The Origin of a Legend in Racing

In the late 1960s, work on what was then known as Gateway International Raceway, or WWTR, began. It has developed into a versatile location that serves a range of racing disciplines over time. Some of the most thrilling motorsport events in the nation have taken place at WWTR, from its beginnings as a drag strip to the present.

The Oval: A Place of Legends

The oval 1.250-mile (2.012-kilo meter) track is the focal point of WWTR. This course tests drivers and exhilarates spectators with its four bends and varied banking. Fans are always on the edge of their seats when the NTT Indy Car Series and the NASCAR Cup Series visit this sacred territory.

Infield Road Courses: Accuracy and Quickness

The infield road courses of WWTR provide a another form of thrill. Events such as the Porsche Club of America meetings, SCCA races, and the Speed Tour Transom are held at the 1.600-mile (2.575-kilo meter) Infield Road Course 1. For experienced drivers, the 2.000-mile (3.219-kilo meter) Infield Road Course 2 offers a lengthier, more difficult test.

Thunder Drag Racing

The sound of engines roars across the quarter-mile drag strip at WWTR, which is sanctioned by the NHRA. Drag racing fans travel from all around to attend the annual Midwest Nationals of the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series. Milliseconds count in this straight-line acceleration contest.

Driving a car at the Triplex

The exhilaration of racing is what WWTR’s Triplex offers. The 0.55-mile track at the cutting-edge charting facility features 11 bends. The Triplex guarantees exhilarating enjoyment for both novice and experienced racers.

Remarkable Events and Upcoming Chances

From the inaugural CART Series competition in 1997 to the most current Margarito Automotive Group 500, World Wide Racing has left its mark on the annals of motor sport. Fans excitedly await upcoming events, such as the comeback of legendary races and the rise of new stars, while the facility continues to change.

World Wide Technology Raceway Final Thought: Unlocking the Potential

World Wide Technology Raceway is an experience as much as a place to visit. WWTR represents the spirit of speed, rivalry, and emotion, whether you’re riding the turns yourself, feeling the vibrations in the pits, or cheering from the grandstands. At WWTR, the race never ends, so buckle up! Formerly known as Gateway International Raceway, World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) is a motor sport racing venue situated in Madison, Illinois, near the famous Gateway Arch and east of St. Louis. WWTR is the biggest outdoor entertainment venue in the St. Louis area, spanning over 600 acres.

World Wide Technology Raceway has the following important characteristics:

Round Track: The 1.250-mile (2.012-milometer) oval racetrack is home to notable events like the NTT Indy Car Series, NASCAR Cup Series, and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

The oval features four turns: Turns 1 and 2 have banking angles of 11°, while Turns 3 and 41 have banking angles of 9°.
WWTR offers two infield road courses for its members.

Course  on Infield Road: 1.600 miles


How can I go to events held by WWTR? For updates, ticket information, and event schedules, visit WWTR’s official website

Can I use my car on the racecourse? Track days are periodically provided by WWTR for enthusiasts. Watch this space for announcements!

When is the ideal time to go to WWTR? Make sure you schedule your visit during the racing season, which usually spans from spring to autumn.

Is Ludacris scheduled to appear at WWTR? The most recent performance schedule is available on WWTR’s website; Ludicrous was the headlining act of the Confluence Music Festival in the past.


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