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Since 1969, the York County School of Technology, popularly referred to as York Tech, has offered comprehensive technical education. York Tech, a huge campus housing a high school and an adult and continuing education center, is situated in York, Pennsylvania. Let us explore the intricacies of this establishment that persistently mold workforce leaders at the local, national, and international levels.

Important Details

1969 was the year of founding.
Campus: Adult & Continuing Education Centre and High School; Programmes Offered: 26 Career Technical Programmes for Students in Adult and High School

Our goal: Is to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in the real world.

Elevated Rates of Employment Placement

Graduates of York Tech’s Adult & Continuing Education Centre gain access to cutting-edge laboratories where they can gain real-world experience. What was the outcome? elevated rates of job placement! Job offers frequently arrive even before graduation, which can occasionally spark bidding wars.

Adjustable Timetables

York Tech provides adjustable timetables in recognition of the needs of hectic lifestyles. There is a programme that works for you, regardless of how you’re juggling job and family obligations.

Workforce Leaders: York Tech Spartans are still at the forefront of the local, national, and international workforce.

Flexible Schedules: Programmes are created with the needs of busy lives in mind. They provide a range of programmes so that students can select the one that best fits their needs.

Fast Career Paths: You can start a new career in less than a year by enrolling at the Adult & Continuing Education Centre. Graduates are in great demand and frequently land employment prior to graduating.

Programmes Provided

Careers in healthcare: Include phlebotomy, dental assistant, medical assistant, practical nursing, medical billing and coding, and nurse aide.

Mechanisation and welding: Are included in advanced manufacturing careers.

Apprenticeships in automotive technology: HVAC, cosmetology, and plumbing are examples of skilled trade careers.

Motor Vehicle Academy: Provides Driver Education & Testing and Commercial Licencing Classes.

Workforce Development & Industry Training: Offers instruction tailored to a particular industry.

High school flexible classes: a large selection of classes available full- or part-time.

Fresh Profession in Less Than a Year

“Education That Pays” is the motto of York Tech. You can quickly launch yourself into a new career by enrolling in the Adult & Continuing Education Centre. You will benefit from a financially lucrative career with a minimal time and financial investment.

Exploring York County School of Technology of Programmes Available

Careers in Healthcare:

Health Care Assistant
Coding & Billing for Medical
Applying Practical Nursing
Dental Assistant Phlebotomy Nurse Aide.

Careers in Advanced Manufacturing:


Skilled Trade Careers:

Automotive Technology.
Plumbing Apprenticeship.

Commercial Licencing Courses: 

Driver Education, and Testing.
Motor Vehicle Academy.

Development of the Workforce and Industry Training

Flex Classes for High School:

Full-time or Part-time.
Wide Range of Courses.
Transportation Offered.

Why Register at York Tech?

Average starting salary: $44,000
Achievers: More than 10,000
Placement in Job: 98%
Training Months on Average: 10

Routes for Achievement

Hear from our students about York Tech’s life-changing experiences:

Dental Assistant Programme: Follow the experiences of aspiring dental assistants.
Programme in Mechatronics: Learn about the field of mechatronics.
Cosmetology Programme: Learn about the cosmetology industry.

In summary

York Tech is a shining example of a practical school, producing accomplished professionals who are successful in their fields of study. It is understandable why York Tech Spartans are still making a name for themselves in the industry with their dedication to greatness.


How long does it take to finish a York Tech programme?
The majority of programmes may be finished in under a year, which will enable you to start your new profession quickly.

Are the rates of job placement truly that high?
Indeed! The high job placement numbers at York Tech can be attributed to its rigorous training programme and strong industry relationships.

Can I manage my academics and other responsibilities?
Of course! Flexible schedules accommodate hectic lives, allowing you to continue your education without compromising your obligations to your family or your job.

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