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Overview ZEV Technologies

When it comes to firearms, accuracy and performance are crucial. ZEV Technologies is a prominent player in this competitive market, providing state-of-the-art parts for AR platforms, handguns, and rifles.

ZEV Technologies’ Origins

ZEV started small in a living room and grew rapidly to become a leading performance component producer. In the firearms industry, their dedication to quality and innovation has established a new benchmark.

Beginnings and Development: ZEV Technologies was founded in a modest living room to serve the requirements of shooters who compete. The business invented the first drop-in replacement triggers for GLOCK® handguns, which changed the game for rivals globally. The foundation of ZEV’s strategy, which is to create goods that are the finest in their field, was formed by this early success.

Increasing Size and Adding: Variety ZEV’s clientele gradually grew beyond competitive shooters to include elite law enforcement and military professionals as well as regular gun aficionados. Today, ZEV offers an extensive selection of premium upgrade components for GLOCK®, award-winning lines of handguns and rifles, in addition to high-performance triggers.

Product Sequence

ZEV offers a wide variety of products, ranging from barrels and mag wells to slides and triggers. They make certain that each part improves the firearm’s overall functionality and feel.

OZ9 Compact Frame: A fundamental component for personalized constructions, providing improved ergonomics and an extensive array of customization choices.

OZ9 Slides: These slides combine modern features for enhanced utility with a classic appearance, all to maximize both performance and aesthetics.

Forged AR15 Upper: While supplies last, this sturdy and dependable upper receiver option is available for AR15 designs.


ZEV is well known for its dependable and well-designed handguns. Every handgun is evidence of ZEV’s commitment to excellence in design and functionality.

ZEV Technologies is well known for producing top-notch performance parts for AR platforms, handguns, and rifles. They sell a variety of handguns, such as the OZ9 series, which is renowned for its superb feel and functionality. Sig Sauer Gun-Mods, OZ9 Elite, and OZ9 Combat are a few of their well-liked products. In Centralia, Washington, ZEV 9mm handguns are all produced to the highest standards. Their products—particularly the Glock drop-in triggers—have established themselves as the industry standard for rivals everywhere.


The company combines superior materials, cutting-edge design, and flawless finishing to create rifles. Because ZEV rifles are built and tested in-house, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-performing, lightweight gun.

Handguns: ZEV is most well-known for its OZ9 series of modular handguns, which have an innovative design that lowers recoil and increases balance.

Weapons: They provide a selection of AR-style handguns and rifles, such as the Combat and Core Elite models, which are made to be extremely dependable and high-performing.

Parts: ZEV manufactures a large range of parts for firearms, including barrels, triggers, and slides. These parts are well-liked by competitive shooters due to their improved performance and high quality.

AR Software

The AR platforms from ZEV are the pinnacle of invention. They provide a selection of AR15 and AR10 handguns and rifles in 5.56 NATO,.308 Winchester, and.300 Blackout calibers.

Dedicated to Excellence

The basic tenet of ZEV is that every product it produces needs to be the greatest of its kind. They employ cutting-edge production techniques and best-in-class components because of this attitude.

In summary

In the gun market, ZEV Technologies has completely reinvented what it means to be a top manufacturer. Their creations are the outcome of an unwavering quest for excellence; they are more than simply tools.


What is the base of ZEV Technologies? Centralia, Washington serves as home to ZEV Technologies’ headquarters.

What categories of weapons does ZEV focus on? Performance parts for handguns, rifles, and AR platforms are ZEV’s area of expertise.

Is it possible to personalize my ZEV gun? A wide range of customizable components are available from ZEV to improve both performance and appearance.

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