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Overview Central Academy of Technology and Arts Central Academy of Technology and Arts

In the field of specialized secondary education, the Central Academy of Technology and Arts (CATA) is a shining example of excellence. Located in the center of Monroe, North Carolina, this magnet high school serves as a springboard for the next generation of artists, inventors, and leaders.

A Wide Range of Institutes

With six different schools that accommodate a broad range of interests and professional options, CATA offers education that goes beyond conventional bounds.

Information systems: For those with an interest in technology and a desire to explore the digital world.

Pre-engineering: Pre-engineering is the stage at which aspiring engineers start to turn their ideas into reality.

Medical Science: A sanctuary for people drawn to the great profession of medicine is medical science.

Performing Arts: The performing arts provide a platform for tomorrow’s stars to emerge and find their voice.

Transportation Systems: For people who are interested in motion mechanics and innovation, consider transportation systems.

International Academy: An intercultural center that promotes citizenship and world consciousness.

Every school is made to give pupils a thorough understanding of the subject matter, guaranteeing a comprehensive reading and targeted learning environment.

The first magnet high school in Union County

Central Academy of Technology and Arts (CATA) is a public high school situated in Monroe, North Carolina.[2] Students at Central institutions, in contrast to those attending ordinary public high schools, have the option to major in a subject at any institution of their choosing, which will help them in their future professional endeavors. Pre-engineering, Medical Sciences, Performing Arts (theatre, dance, music production, and recording arts), Transportation Systems, and Information Systems (software, hardware, and cybersecurity) are among the academies. Teacher Preparation was dropped before the academic year 2015–2016.

CATA is located on Brewer Drive and is a component of Union County Public Schools. Originally a career center, the school is now a part of the public education system.

Creative Educational Setting

CATA’s dedication to innovation is seen in the way it approaches education. Students flourish in an atmosphere that recognizes their uniqueness and potential when there is a student-teacher ratio that encourages individualized attention. The school’s outstanding results in state exams—95% in maths and 92% in reading—attest to the high caliber of instruction offered.

Getting Ready for the Future

The success of its graduates and its 99% graduation record attest to the school’s commitment to preparing students for higher education and beyond. With a variety of AP courses and an active extracurricular program, CATA makes sure that every student is prepared for the demands of both college and the working world.

In summary

A cornerstone of academic brilliance, the Central Academy of Technology and Arts provides a special combination of specialized courses and a supportive learning environment. It’s a place where students may confidently follow their ambitions and where passion and purpose meet.


How do students apply to CATA? Students from throughout the district in grades nine and ten are eligible to apply for a position in one of the academies. Most performing arts academies use a lottery as part of their selection process, while some also demand auditions.

What are the hours of instruction? CATA is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 16:00.

Can pupils engage in extracurricular activities such as sports? A well-rounded educational experience is provided to pupils by the multitude of sports and clubs that CATA offers.

What is the CATA student-teacher ratio? Every student at CATA receives individualized attention thanks to the 18:1 student-teacher ratio.

What location is CATA? 600 Brewer Dr, Monroe, NC, 281122 is the address of CATA.

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