Unlocking Opportunities: CPCB Recruitment Guide 2023

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Overview CPCB Recruitment CPCB Recruitment

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is essential to maintaining the integrity of our natural surroundings. CPCB is at the forefront of environmental governance in India as a statutory organization under the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change. An opportunity for candidates to support this admirable cause is provided through the board’s hiring procedure.

A synopsis of CPCB’s 2023 recruitment

CPCB has launched its most recent recruitment campaign, providing 163 openings for a range of roles. These jobs, which range from administrative support to scientific tasks, offer chances for applicants with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

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The 22 streams and wells that need to be cleaned up by CPCB.

By giving the CPCB additional authority, the Environment Protection Act (EPA), which was passed in 1986, filled in the gaps left by the Water and Air Act. By producing pertinent data, offering scientific information, offering technical assistance for the creation of national policies and programs, developing and training human resources, and planning events to raise public and government awareness at various levels, CPCB contributes to the reduction and control of pollution in the nation. The Central Government founded the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) in 1991, and it collaborates with the PCB and NGT to manage pollution in the capital.

Important Roles and Openings

Scientist “B”: sixty-two
Six Assistant Law Officers
16 Senior Scientific Assistants
Clerk in Lower Division (LDC): 5
Eight multitasking staff members

These are only a handful of the positions that CPCB is seeking to fill; numerous other posts are open to qualified candidates.

Structure of organizations

The CPCB’s organizational structure
The Member Secretary is the next in command at the CPCB after the Chairman. The CPCB uses the following nine key project budget headings to carry out its varied duties.

Evaluation of pollution (monitoring and surveying).
R&D as well as lab administration.
Creation of industry-specific emissions and effluents norms and guidelines
Management of information databases and libraries.
Technology for reducing pollution.
Enforcement of pollution control measures.
Publications and widespread awareness.
Management of hazardous waste.

Procedure for Applications

The online application process guarantees an open and effective selection process for CPCB recruiting. Interested parties can submit their applications online at the official CPCB website.

Crucial Dates

Start Date of Application: December 24, 2022.

Deadline to Apply: January 23, 2023.

Candidates must follow these deadlines for their submissions to be taken into consideration.

Method of Selection

The CPCB recruitment selection procedure consists of a written exam and a skill test. This stringent process guarantees that only the most competent and committed people become members of CPCB.

In summary

The goal of the CPCB recruiting campaign is to identify qualified candidates who are dedicated to the cause of environmental protection, not only to fill positions. It’s a chance to take part in a bigger effort to protect the environment for the coming generations.


How do I apply for a job with CPCB? The official CPCB website is where you may apply online. Please ensure that your application is submitted within the allotted period.

What is the deadline for 2023 CPCB recruitment applications? Applications must be submitted by January 23, 2023.

Do the positions have any age restrictions? Age limitations do exist, and they change based on the position. For comprehensive details, please consult the official recruiting notification.

When will the skill test and written exam be administered? The search results did not include the dates for the skill test and written exam. As updates become available, candidates should frequently visit the official CPCB website.

Where can I discover additional details regarding the openings and requirements for eligibility? The official recruitment notification on the CPCB website has comprehensive details on the positions and requirements.

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