A Guide to DAE DPS: Navigating the Procurement Landscape

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Under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) in India, the Directorate of Purchase & Stores (DPS) is a central organization overseeing inventory, storage, and procurement for the DAE’s several sectors. This blog post explores the nuances of DPS and how important it is to the atomic energy industry.

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The DPS manages the materials management operations for industrial facilities like the Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC) in Hyderabad1 and research and development facilities like the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai. It guarantees these establishments access to the resources and facilities they need to run smoothly.

DPS’s Function in Vendor Management

An essential component of DPS’s functioning is vendor registration. It keeps up a strong system for registering and re-registering vendors, with a focus on selectively including stockists and excluding traders. The upkeep of a reliable supplier network depends on this process.

Embracing Technology

Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Registration and E-Tendering DPS has moved its e-tendering operations to the Central Public Procurement Portal to better embrace digital transformation. Vendors are also advised to register with GeM to receive a GeM Seller ID2. This shift to digital platforms improves transparency and expedites the procurement procedure.

Current Events and Announcements

The DPS has sent out several crucial notifications to applicants and vendors. The reinstatement of vendor registration, updates on the introduction of GST, and alerts regarding fraudulent emails are among them. Furthermore, DPS has made a helpdesk available to address general problems that vendors and indentors encounter.

Employment and Prospective Careers

Recently, DPS DAE made recruiting announcements for many roles, providing chances for people to get involved in the atomic energy industry3. The processes for online applications, document uploads, and application fee payments are all included in the comprehensive recruitment process.

Opportunities for Employment at DAE DPS

Jobs at DAE DPS Junior Purchase Assistant/Junior Storekeeper: Junior Purchase Assistant/Junior Storekeeper roles are frequently filled by the DAE DPS. Hiring Procedure: Typically, a Level 1 (Objective Test) and a Level 2 (Descriptive Test) are part of the selection process.

Application Procedure: The application process requires interested parties to complete an online form with their name, gender, birth date, educational background, and contact information. Additionally, they have to upload their signature and photo under the criteria.

Potential Professions

Future Careers: Given DAE DPS’s crucial role in the atomic energy industry, working with the department can result in substantial career progression.

Enhancement of Skills: Employees have the chance to acquire specialized skills in inventory management, procurement, and other relevant fields.

Contribution to National Projects: As a part of significant national initiatives, DAE DPS allows staff members to support the growth of the nation’s energy industry.

In summary

An integral part of India’s nuclear energy system is the Directorate of Purchase & Stores. Its attention to detail in vendor management, e-tendering adoption, and recruitment campaigns highlights its dedication to modernization and efficiency.


What does DPS DAE stand for in its entirety? The Department of Atomic Energy’s Directorate of Purchase and Stores is the entire name.

How can vendors sign up with the DPS? Vendors may get the registration form from the DPS website and fill it out, sending it in as directed.

What is the vendor’s benefit of GeM registration? A unique GeM Seller ID2 is recommended for sellers, and GeM registration is required for all Indian organizations that engage in products and services.

Do you have any recent DPS DAE recruitment notifications? DPS DAE has indeed posted notices of several openings; interested parties may apply online.

What role does DPS play in the atomic energy industry? Within the DAE, DPS oversees stores, inventory control, and procurement for R&D facilities and industrial sets, making sure they have the resources they need.

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