Fulton Academy of Science and Technology (FAST): Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators

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The Fulton Academy of Science and Technology (FAST) is a charter school in Fulton County that provides a distinctive educational experience. FAST equips students with the necessary skills in creative thinking, problem-solving, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to effectively tackle the demands of the contemporary world. Let us examine the distinguishing features of FAST and its impact on the cognitive development of young students.

About Fulton academy of science and technology

FAST was created by parents of existing students in Fulton County who identified the necessity for a school that surpasses conventional education. Below are a few crucial aspects of FAST:

Mission: Our goal is to deliver an education that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the demands of the 21st century. Our philosophy is centered around cultivating innovation, analytical reasoning, and a passion for acquiring knowledge.

STEM Emphasis: At FAST, STEM is more than simply a trendy term. It is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Students participate in practical activities, experiments, and projects that stimulate their interest and enthusiasm for science and technology.

Diverse Community: Inclusive Community: We embrace and encourage the presence of students from a wide range of backgrounds. Our dedication to diversity guarantees that every child feels esteemed and assisted.

Charter School: FAST is a public charter school that can be creative and customize its programs to suit the specific requirements of its students.

A Charter School with the Purpose of Fulton academy of science and technology

FAST was created by the parents of current kids in Fulton County. The primary goal is evident: to offer an education that surpasses traditional course materials. FAST enhances students’ practical skills by stressing design thinking and problem-solving, providing them with valuable abilities that are applicable beyond the confines of the classroom.

STEM at the Core

FAST is centered around STEM education. Students participate in practical exercises, experiments, and projects that promote critical thinking and creativity. FAST students engage in a dynamic learning environment where they are fully involved in activities such as coding, robotics, and studying scientific concepts.

The Diverse Community

FAST caters to a wide range of individuals, representing the diverse population of Fulton County. Students from diverse backgrounds unite, acquire knowledge from one another, and commemorate their unique qualities. The presence of diverse perspectives enhances the educational experience and equips students with the necessary skills to thrive in an interconnected and globalized society.

High Ratings and Academic Excellence

FAST routinely achieves excellent reviews. With a student-teacher ratio of 13:1, individualized attention guarantees the success of each student. The state test scores indicate a commendable level of competency in both mathematics (69%) and reading (70%).

Beyond the Classroom

FAST expands the scope of learning beyond conventional limits. Through field trips and guest lectures, students have the opportunity to investigate practical applications of their knowledge in the real world. The school’s dedication to experiential learning cultivates inquisitiveness and an enduring passion for acquiring knowledge.

Parent Engagement and Community Involvement

Parents at FAST actively participate. Parent University workshops offer valuable information about the curriculum, instructional techniques, and strategies to enhance their child’s education. The school’s robust community connections foster a feeling of inclusion and collective accountability.


Fulton Academy of Science and Technology is not just an educational institution, but also a center that fosters creativity, inquisitiveness, and cooperation. As students traverse its corridors, they develop the skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership that will shape them into future leaders. FAST is a place where young individuals spark, investigate, and mold the world.


How can I apply for admission to FAST?  Applications for the 2024-25 academic year are now being accepted by FAST. Access the FAST website to submit your application electronically.

What extracurricular activities does FAST offer? FAST offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as robotics clubs, coding workshops, and science contests. Students have the opportunity to delve into their hobbies outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Is transportation provided for students? Affirmative, transportation services are indeed provided for FAST pupils. Reach out to the school for precise information.

How can parents get involved at FAST? Parents have the opportunity to participate in Parent University classes, provide their services as volunteers, and take part in other school events. Their betrothal enhances the cohesion of the school community.

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