ICICI Technology Fund: A Better Deep Dive

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Icici technology fund has evolved beyond being a mere fad; it has become a strategic maneuver aimed at securing future success. Icici technology fund serves as a guiding light for investors who are looking to engage in the ever-changing and fast-paced technology sector. This blog article provides a detailed analysis of the fund’s performance, portfolio, and appropriateness for investors.

Understanding ICICI Prudential Technology Fund

Icici technology fund is an equity fund that focuses on investing in technology and technology-dependent companies in a certain area or theme. The objective is to achieve long-term growth in capital by discovering attractive technology stocks. The fund’s portfolio consists of equities from the information technology services business, including large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks.

Investment Strategy

The fund dedicates a substantial amount of its assets to stocks that fall under the Benchmark Index. Additionally, it expands its investments to include other companies operating in the Information Technology Services Industry.

Risk Profile Icici technology fund

Fasten your seatbelt! This fund is subject to significant volatility and risk. Investors should exercise caution when approaching it, particularly if they lack technical expertise.

Performance Snapshot

Let’s examine the numbers:

1-Year Returns: The performance was exceptional, with a fantastic increase of 30.11% compared to the benchmark.

3-Year Returns: An impressive 55.10% (surpassing the average for the category).

5-Year Returns: An astounding increase of 187.55% (ranking in the top 21% within the category).

SIP Magic

The fund has remarkable performance when combined with Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs).

1-Year SIP: 14.98% returns.

The 3-year Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has generated a return of 21.08%.

Suitability and Warnings of Icici Technology Fund

Who Should Invest? Experienced investors who possess an extensive understanding of macro trends and are looking to make strategic investments to achieve higher profits.

Redemption Timeline: Refrain from redeeming for seven years.


Capital Gains: If you hold an investment for more than one year, any gains up to ₹1 lakh are not subject to taxation. However, any gains over ₹1 lakh will be subject to a 10% tax.

Dividends: You are subject to taxation based on your income bracket.

Conclusion and FAQs

Investing in the ICICI Prudential Technology Fund is like to embarking on a rapid and exhilarating journey through the vast expanse of the digital realm. Ensure your safety by fastening your seatbelt, staying knowledgeable about current events, and allowing technology to drive the growth of your investment account.


Why invest in this fund? Technology is the future.

Is it suitable for beginners? No, it is specifically designed for individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled in technology.

How long should I hold my investment? A minimum duration of seven years is required to achieve optimal outcomes.

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