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Overview Palworld How to Get Ancient Technology Points

Ancient Technology Points are a special feature of Palworld, the colorful and large-scale game that has won over adventure seekers. These points are essential for gaining access to a wide range of sophisticated tools and equipment that can greatly improve your gaming experience. We’ll get into how to get these sought-after points and how to maximize them in this extensive tutorial.

Recognizing Key Points of Ancient Technology

It is important to distinguish between Ancient Technology Points and Regular Technology Points or Ancient Civilization Parts. Ancient Technology Points are particularly needed to unlock recipes for products that use Ancient Civilization Parts, even if they work similarly within the Technology menu. Among these are the Giga Grappling Gun and Egg Incubator, which are necessary to advance in the game.

How to Get Points for Antiquated Technology

Fighting the Tower Bosses of Syndicate

Taking on the Syndicate Tower Bosses is one of the main ways to obtain Ancient Technology Points. These bosses have a bit of Team Rocket’s evil bent, similar to the Gym Leaders from the Pokémon series. Every one of the five main factions in the game has a tower, and the bosses in each tower are led by formidable allies named Pal. After you defeat these bosses, you will receive five points for Ancient Technology.

Overcoming Alpha Friends

With their unique insignia on the global map, Alpha Pals are easily recognized as the top predators in their areas. These powerful beings are revered across Palworld and frequently resemble the pinnacle of their species’ growth. The prize for engaging, eliminating, or seizing an Alpha Pal is one Ancient Technology Point.

Making Use of Your Antiquated Technology Points

After you’ve accumulated your points, find the Ancient Technology column by going to the Technology menu. A list of recipes that can be unlocked may be found here. Once you’ve chosen the item you want to manufacture, you can utilize the recipe if you have the necessary points.

Bosses in Syndicate Towers

The five main factions in the game each have a tower, which functions as a boss lair.
Five Ancient Technology Points will be awarded to you upon defeating the tower boss.
Keep in mind that you can only obtain points from each boss once.

Alpha Pals

Shown on the global map, these are the strongest Pals in their respective regions.
An Alpha Pal can be defeated or captured to earn you one Ancient Technology Point.
Every hour, they reappear, so you can take them on again to earn more experience and points.

In summary

Palworld’s Ancient Technology Points are an essential component that allows players to create sophisticated gear to help them on their journeys. Every win you achieve moves you one step closer to learning the ancient technology of Palworld, regardless of whether you decide to take on the Syndicate Tower Bosses or search for the mysterious Alpha Pals.


Is it possible for me to receive Ancient Technology Points from the same boss more than once? No, each boss can only award points once. But Alpha Pals reappear, so you can beat them again to score additional points.

Is it possible to obtain Ancient Technology Points in any other way? Currently, the primary strategies entail taking out Alpha Pals and Syndicate Tower Bosses. Watch out for any new methods that are added to in-game updates.

What should I use my Ancient Technology Points for first? Your playstyle determines this. Think about obtaining things that will help you accomplish your current goals or improve your gaming experience in general.

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