Unleashing the Power of AI: Gorilla Technology Group’s Pioneering Solutions

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Overview Gorilla Technology Group

Gorilla Technology Group is a cutting-edge company in an era where technology is changing quickly. Gorilla Technology, which specializes in AI-powered solutions, is leading the Smart City revolution with ground-breaking apps that are changing both the digital and physical environments.

AI-Based Solutions for Smart Cities

Gorilla Technology’s line of Smart City products uses artificial intelligence (AI) to boost GDP and improve quality of life. Their goods are made to safeguard and enhance the public and private spheres, guaranteeing a future that is safer, more effective, and more sustainable.

Smart Policing: Using AI to increase public safety and the effectiveness of law enforcement.

Smart Roads: Intelligent systems that improve road safety and traffic management.

Smart buildings: Using AI to optimize building maintenance and energy consumption.

Smart Railways: Using cutting-edge AI technologies to increase railway safety and efficiency.

Network defense and security intelligence

Gorilla Technology offers big data analytics and advanced video analytics with an emphasis on network protection and security convergence. These technologies are essential for industrial and commercial automation because they provide insights that increase operational effectiveness and protect against security risks.

Investor Relations: Gorilla Technology Group highlights the value of network defense and security convergence in their AI-powered IIoT products. By enabling smart cities, ports, manufacturing, buildings, and retail, they hope to spearhead the worldwide digital transformation.

Intelligent Network Insights from Net Probe: At the edge, this potent AI tool recognizes and stops external cyberattacks. Threats are automatically identified by Net Probe’s AI-based detection engine, which eliminates the need for manual processes and alert fatigue. With its AI-based threat pattern learning and behavior analysis feature, it provides customized network protection along with immediate response.

Cybersecurity intelligence: Gorilla Technology Group provides a variety of data, network, and endpoint security solutions.  To safeguard consumer data and devices, they make use of AI-based forensic technologies as well as extensive data monitoring and alarm systems.

Global Presence and Current Achievements

Gorilla Technologies has a strong worldwide footprint thanks to important contracts and strategic alliances that increase its sway over continents. In recent times, there have been endeavors such as offering full security convergence in Thailand’s data center sector and pioneering security solutions in Colombia.

Regarding present accomplishments, Gorilla Technology Group stated that its 2023 financial performance set a new record. With a 69% gross margin, they experienced an 189% rise in sales over 2022. With a net income of $19.9 million for the year, the prior year’s loss was significantly reversed. Their high-value product and services business model and operational effectiveness are credited with this financial success. To further highlight their technological prowess and global reach, Gorilla also won a sizable contract to build Security Convergence Smart City Video Analytics Solutions in Colombia.

In summary

In the tech sector, Gorilla Technology Group is more than just a business—it’s a creative force. They are improving existing systems and opening the door for future advancements by incorporating AI into a variety of facets of our lives.


Which industries is Gorilla Technology focused in? Gorilla Technology is an expert in IoT technology, network intelligence, business intelligence, and security intelligence. Its applications span smart media, smart retail, smart cities, and enterprise security.

What role does Gorilla Technology play in the growth of smart cities? Gorilla Technology’s AI-powered solutions boost security, increase operational effectiveness, and stimulate economic growth through cutting-edge technology, all of which support the development of Smart Cities.

What achievements has Gorilla Technology made recently? Gorilla Technology recently achieved important milestones in its worldwide expansion by securing contracts to pioneer security solutions in Colombia and to introduce security solutions in Thailand’s burgeoning data center sector.

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