Unearthing the Secrets of Palworld: A Guide to Ancient Technology Points

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By David2m

Palworld, a colorful and lively game that has won over many players, offers a distinctive fusion of survival and creature gathering features. The idea of Ancient Technology Points, a currency that can be used to unleash the potential of ancient objects and powers, is one of the most exciting features of the game. We’ll dive into the secrets behind Ancient Technology Points in this extensive tutorial, including how to obtain them and how important they are to progressing through Palworld.

Ancient Technology Points: What Are They?

In Palworld, Ancient Technology Points are a unique kind of money that are not to be confused with conventional Technology Points. They are utilized to reveal the formulas for a number of products, including the Giga Grappling Gun and Egg Incubator, that make use of Ancient Civilization Parts12. For players who want to fully utilize the antiquated technologies strewn across the game environment, these points are essential.

Getting Points for Old Technology

Fighting the Tower Bosses of Syndicate
Taking on and eliminating the Syndicate Tower Bosses is the main way to earn Ancient Technology Points. With a unique twist, these bosses resemble Gym Leaders from previous creature-based games. Players can access a tower belonging to each of Palworld’s five main factions, which leads to a boss battle. Players receive five Ancient Technology Points by beating these bosses.

Overcoming Alpha Friends

Alpha Pals can also be faced and defeated to obtain Ancient Technology Points. These frightening animals, which are clearly visible on a global map, are the top predators in their respective areas. It is advantageous to tackle these Alpha Pals frequently because each interaction with them earns you a large number of experience points in addition to one Ancient Technology Point.

Using Points of Ancient Technology

After obtaining a sufficient number of Ancient Technology Points, you can start to unlock the strong utility goods and buildings that they provide access to. These consist of cutting-edge devices and equipment that can greatly improve your gaming experience.

In summary

Obtaining Ancient Technology Points can help you realize the full potential of your Palworld experience. Players can earn these points by fighting Tower Bosses and Alpha Pals strategically. Once they have access to advanced technology, it will help them in their quest for survival and domination in the game’s environment.


Is it possible to gain Ancient Technology Points as you advance in level? A: Syndicate Tower Bosses and Alpha Pals are the only enemies that must be defeated in order to gain Ancient Technology Points.

Do Alpha Pals come back to life after a defeat?  In the real world, Alpha Pals do indeed revive after an hour, enabling gamers to confront them once more for additional experience and points.

Are the components of ancient civilizations and technology the same?  No, recipes are unlocked with Ancient Technology Points, and the products crafted from those recipes require Ancient Civilization Parts.

Is it possible for a boss to award me Ancient Technology Points more than once?  No, each boss can only provide you with Ancient Technology Points once. Regular treasure will be awarded after each victory, but no extra points will be awarded.

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