Navigating the Acceptance Rate at Stevens Institute of Technology

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Prestigious private research university Stevens Institute of Technology is well-known for its demanding curriculum and challenging admissions procedure. Stevens, a university in Hoboken, New Jersey, combines science, engineering, and management curricula. We’ll discuss Stevens’ admission rate and what it means for potential students in this blog article.

Comprehending Acceptance Rates

One of the most important metrics for assessing a university’s selectivity is its acceptance rate. It shows the proportion of applicants who receive admission offers. A more selective university that would need students with superior academic qualifications is frequently indicated by a lower acceptance rate.

An Overview of Stevens Institute of Technology

One of the nation’s oldest technological universities, Stevens Institute of Technology was established in 1870. Stevens offers a distinctive educational experience that combines science, technology, and the arts and humanities with an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Stevens Acceptance Rate

Stevens Institute of Technology stated that its acceptance rate for 2024 was 46%2. According to this statistic, Stevens is one of the colleges that is somewhat selective, looking for applicants who are strong academics with the potential to be leaders and innovators.

Scores on the SAT and ACT

The SAT and ACT2 scores of applicants accepted at Stevens vary, usually falling between 1380 and 1510 or between 31 and 34. The competitive character of Stevens’ admissions procedure is reflected in these ratings.

In summary

Stevens Institute of Technology’s acceptance rate reflects the school’s dedication to excellence. In order to stand out during the admissions process, prospective students should strive to highlight their greatest academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities.


What is Stevens Institute of Technology’s acceptance rate?  For the year 2042, Stevens has a 46% acceptance rate.

What are the average SAT or ACT scores of students who are accepted? A student’s SAT or ACT score ranges from 1380 to 1510 on average for admitted students, or between 31 and 342.
Does Stevens offer courses in subjects other than science and engineering? Yes, Stevens also houses the College of Arts and Letters, which combines science and technology with the humanities and arts.

Is Stevens Institute of Technology a reputable university? Stevens is ranked #76 among National Universities for 2024 and is well-known, particularly for its engineering, science, and management departments.

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