Unleashing Growth with Redtail Technology: The Future of Financial 1 CRM

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Overview Redtail Technology

Using the best technologies to manage client relationships and simplify processes is essential to remain ahead in the fast-paced world of financial advice. Redtail Technology stands as a leader in innovation, providing all-inclusive solutions designed to meet the needs of contemporary financial professionals.

Redtail Technology: What is it?

The leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions specifically designed for financial advisers is Redtail Technology, Inc.1. Redtail was founded in 2003 to provide advisors with state-of-the-art technology to help them manage their clientele more successfully.

Principal Products

CRM Redtail

Redtail’s CRM system, which is the core of its solutions, is made to improve teamwork, foster stronger client relationships, and increase overall efficiency. Redtail CRM stands out as an affordable and user-friendly platform for today’s financial professionals with features like workflow automation, numerous integrations, and sophisticated reporting.

Workflow Combinations

Redtail’s commitment to integration is demonstrated by its easy interface with a wide range of industry solutions, which minimizes duplicate data entry and guarantees platform consistency.

Redtail Voice

Redtail Speak is a communication innovator that provides compliant text messaging solutions with an AI assistant for suggested responses, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of customer engagements.

Workflow Automation: Redtail offers a wide range of integrations with industry partners, which eliminates redundant data entry and ensures consistency across various platforms. You can design automated processes within Redtail to match your practice’s workflows, ensuring accountability and that no task is overlooked.

Reporting: To evaluate and present customer data in meaningful ways, the CRM offers extensive reporting capabilities.

Calendar Management: Redtail’s Calendar facilitates efficient scheduling with its color coding and customizable features. Via Retriever Cloud, it now synchronizes with Google Calendar and Office 365.

Observations and Record-Keeping: Redtail’s Notes function facilitates the effective capture of client history, which is important when documenting client contacts.

Client Relationships

Redtail’s dedication to client pleasure is evident in the positive reviews left by customers, who commend the platform’s usability as well as the promptness and knowledge of the support staff.

Renowned for its web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) software, Redtail Technology has a strong integration with other widely used products in the financial services sector. With features including workflow connections, reporting, calendar notes, seminars, opportunities, and a mobile app, they emphasize improving interpersonal interactions that strengthen client relationships.

Customer comments attesting to their dedication to providing excellent customer service show how much they value the friendly, understanding, and helpful support personnel. In addition to cutting-edge technologies like Redtail Speak, which now provides an optional AI Assistant to provide suggested replies to incoming text messages, Redtail’s CRM significantly streamlines advisor-client communication.

Additionally, Redtail Technology regularly participates in community-building and educational programs, such as webinars featuring CEO panels to talk about how to improve client relationships—particularly when practices shift to virtual ones2. They promote a sense of community and involvement by holding challenges and showcasing the winners on their login page.

In summary

One of the main innovators in the financial advising industry is Redtail Technology. Its all-inclusive CRM options and steadfast customer service make it a vital resource for advisers looking to grow their businesses and strengthen client relationships.


How is client management enhanced by Redtail CRM? A unified system for all client interactions, comprehensive reporting, and automated workflows are how Redtail CRM simplifies client administration.

Is Redtail compatible with other business tools? Indeed, Redtail takes great satisfaction in its extensive and profound integration capabilities with a range of products frequently utilized in the financial services sector.

Are Redtail users able to get support? Without a doubt, Redtail provides free phone and email assistance, webinars, online help, and comprehensive training through Redtail University.

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