Washington Technology Magnet School: Preparing Students for High-Tech Careers

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Washington Technology Magnet High School welcomes you! As a St. Paul, Minnesota, technology magnet school, our mission is to stimulate and develop creative minds. Our main goal is to educate children in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects so they are ready for high-tech, in-demand jobs in the future.

BioSMART: The Magnet We Seek

The BioSMART model—which stands for Biological Science, Math, Academic Rigor, and Technology—is one that we at Washington Technology support. This innovative method combines different fields of study to produce a comprehensive educational experience. Let’s examine what distinguishes our school:

Our Goal: Fostering Creative Thinking

Our goal at Washington Tech is to stimulate and develop creative minds. We do this by giving students access to STEM-focused learning experiences that equip them for today’s difficulties and tomorrow’s world. We encourage a desire for research in all fields, whether it be the biological sciences, mathematics, academic rigor, or cutting-edge technology.

The Biomedical Route

We have flagship courses in our biomedical track that explore the interesting field of life sciences. Students gain knowledge of genetics, medical technology, and human anatomy. Our students acquire practical knowledge that equips them for employment in healthcare, research, and biotechnology, whether they are dissecting frogs or studying DNA.

BioSMART Routes

BioSMART stands for Biological Science, Math, Academic Rigor, and Technology, and it is the focal point of our magnet focus. Pupils have a choice of two thrilling options:

Biomedical: Explore the exciting fields of genetics, medical research, and health sciences.

Engineering: Investigate robotics, design, and environmentally friendly solutions.

Engineering Career Path

Students who follow the engineering pathway work with state-of-the-art technology. They learn creativity and problem-solving techniques through projects like building bridges and programming robots. Our engineering courses give future engineers, architects, and inventors a strong foundation.

Readiness for College and Careers Washington Technology Magnet School

Our dedication to preparing children for college and careers starts early. Students engage in rigorous coursework and college-level lessons called Ramp Up to Readiness beginning in sixth grade. Our amazing students have earned over 2,500 college credits by the time they graduate! We think that giving kids the resources they need to achieve is part of preparing them for the future.

Focus on Freshmen

Students in the ninth grade receive focused assistance through a course to prepare them for high school. We emphasize time management, study techniques, and laying a solid academic foundation. Ensuring a seamless transition into the demanding high school setting is our aim.

3DE Educational Framework

Being a 3DE School makes Washington Technology proud. The goal of this creative concept is to uplift and equip youth for success in the global economy. Students obtain real-world experience, a broader grasp of the professional world, and practical skills through internships and commercial partnerships.

Readiness for College and Careers

Our sixth-graders set off on a path to success in college and the workplace. Because of their demanding coursework and Ramp Up to Readiness College Lessons, they receive over 2,500 college credits per year. Washington Tech equips them for a world that is changing quickly.

Final Thoughts and Frequently Asked Questions

In summary, Washington Technology Magnet School is a community that encourages curiosity, creativity, and ambition in addition to being a place of education. The following are some common queries:

How can I get my kid enrolled in Washington Technology? You can apply to St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) to be enrolled in the 2024–25 academic year. For further information, go to the SPPS enrollment page.

What kind of extracurriculars are offered? We provide a wide range of academic programs, sports, and groups. See the calendar of our school for forthcoming events.

What role may parents play? Parents can interact with our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and take part in activities such as National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID).

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